Discography, Projects,Credits.......!!!!!
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Here you will see the JAYASRIs Discography...!!! also other featured Projects.

here you will see the Albums, Maxi singles, Credits, Chart positions......etc details of JAYASRI and Jayasri members featured Projects  such as CON-DOM, JAYA 3, DECADANCE, ROOTSMAN, BANDITOS BONITOS, RAVERS ON DOPE.....etc

JAYASRI "Mod Goviya"- Europe Inadala 1 Album(2000)

Produced by JAYASRI

Distributed by RANSILU (NR)-Asia, Planet Entertainment Europe

*The first JAYASRI album with Hits such as "SUDU Andumin - Thaniwemu Api" (title song film Milla Soya - Bonjourno Italia *3 months Nr.1 in SIRASA Tv- Rasa Risi Gee + HiruFM...so on), "Mod Goviya", "Adara Lowe", "U R my Sunshine"(Wattakka song), "Siyumali", "Waduwa", "Sri Lanka".....etc.

JAYASRI "Sundaree" Album 2 (2002)

Produced by JAYASRI

Distributed by RANSILU (NR) Asia, Planet Entertainment Europe

including Radio and TV Hits such as....."Hanumantha", "Sundariye", "Sheela", "Juliet", "Colligiala", "Most Wanted", "Kolam-Lanka Ragga", "Malliyane"......

Project:BANDITOS BONITOS "Juliet" Single Maxi (2003)

Produced by Planet Entertainment Gmbh Vienna, AUSTRIA (EU)

Distributed by BMG - Germany (EUROPE)

taken from the forthcoming Banditos Bonitos Album "Most Wanted"

Project:BANDITOS BONITOS "Gimme Sunshine" feat:Nina (2000)

Produced by Planet Entertainment Gmbh Vienna AUSTRIA(EU)

Distributed by ZYX Music GERMANY (EU)

*with remixes such as Gold coast Radio mix, Radio Reo mix, Dub el Bandito mix,Bandito del Rio mix........featured bonita NINA with Banditos ....Rohitha J., Rohan, Aruna

*Charts in Europe, South America...etc

Project: Ravers on Dope "Get High" (Austrian Grammy Amadeus winners)(2002)

Produced by DJ Taylor and FLOw - EMI Germany

Distributed worldwide by EMI Elektrola Germany (EU)

*Winning song in category Best Dance Act - "Austrian Grammy Amadeus Awards 2002"

*Charts in Europe incl: Germany, Austria (Nr.1 DJ charts), Italy......, Japan,.....etc

also followed by the single "Return to Wnderland", "Big Bassdrum" in 2003

*Toured Europe with Soft Cell, Natural, Novaspace, Brooklyn Bounce, No Angels, Mark OH, Groovequake,..... etc.


Project: ROOTSMAN "Nations Smile" Album (1998)

Produced by ROOTSMAN - 3 Nation Roots Records

Distributed by  MUSICA  - AUSTRIA (EU)

including hits such as " Vienna", "Nations Smile", "Jah music", "Jump", "Crucial times".....etc...


Project: Decadance " Bailemos official OE 3 Beachmania song)(1995)

Produced by Norbert Reichhart - EAMS Music Germany (EU)

Distributed by EAMS Music Germany (EU)

*The official OE 3 Beachmanis song 1995

*8 weeks in Austrian Top 40 (OE 3 Hitparade)

*Austrian Summerhit 1995

Charts in Europe: Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Israel, Japan, and South America...etc.

*Toured Europe with La Bousche, Night Crawlers, Corona....etc.


Project:JAYA 3 "Until my heart is beating" Maxi single (1995)

Produced by Kwapil for BMG music

Distributed by BMG  Ariola Europe

*Powerplay in OE 3 austrian radio

*European DJ charts


Project:JAYA 3 "Im not in love" Maxi single (1994)

Produced by Kwapil for BMG Ariola

Distributed by BMG Ariola Europe

*Live toured with DJ Bobo, The Temptations, Count Basic, Paradise Now,.....etc.

Project CON-DOM " Raising my Family" Maxi Single (1993)

Produced by SONY Music Austria EUROPE

Distributed by SONY Music

*16 weeks in Austria TOP 40-  Charts in Finland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece, Israel....etc.

*10 weeks in Austrian TV Hitparade- Grossen 10

*First ever Sri Lankans to be in EUROPEAN CHARTS- Selling Charts

*also placed in Austrian Year Hitparade 1993

*followed by  Singles CON-DOM "Rootsie Boopsie- U R My Sunshine"(1993), "Put Your love together" (1994) SONY Music Europe

*Toured Europe with Falco, Chesney Hawks, Jam the House, Unique 2, Power pack,....etc.