Tour & Live Dates
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Also our  SERENDIB band -cover formation... dates also added!!

Date/Month/Year   EVENT+ Location                       City/Country





22.01.2006  JAYASRI Twins with Sunflower         Kandana/Sri Lanka

25.01.2006  JAYASRI Twins live with Upul & the Gang +Elephantfoot

                 "One Love" open air @ Hikkaduwa beach  Hikkaduwa/SL

*JAYASRIs Rohitha J. and Rohan will be in Sri Lanka in April

season to launch their Brand new 3rd Album,CD and Cassette


Watch out for shows and appearences of Jayasri duo in Sri Lanka during this


06.04.2006  JAYASRI live with Sunflower     Aluthgama/Sri Lanka

07.04.2006  JAYASRI live with Sunflower   Kurunegala/Sri Lanka

08.04.2006  JAYASRI Live with Flashback SHA FM Nonstop night! Mahawa/Sri Lanka

09.04.2006  JAYASRI Live with Sunflower SIRASA TV Live! Polonnaruwa/Sri Lanka

12.04.2006  JAYASRI Live with Sunflower      Dambulla/Sri Lanka

15.04.2006  JAYASRI Live with Sarasi Karandeniya,Ambalangoda/Sri Lanka

16.04.2006  JAYASRI live with Marimba @ Carnival +

                  LIVE Jam @ Boat House                     NuwaraEliya/Sri Lanka

17.04.2006  JAYASRI Live with Sunflower      Unawatuna/Sri Lanka

20.04.2006  JAYASRI live with SaNiDaPa       Narammala/Sri Lanka

21.04.2006  JAYASRI Live @ ONE LOve Reggae Party on the beach!!

                 "Saamaya-Peace" Album Launch   Hikkaduwa/Sri Lanka

22.04.2006  JAYASRI Live with Sunflower     Koswadiya/Sri Lanka

30.04.2006  JAYASRI Live in Paris..!! "in Aid of Children living in

                 remote areas in Sri Lanka."  Theater de Emilezola

                 144-146, Bld. de Starsbourg,94130 Nogent sur marne

                                                                       Paris / France

26.05.2006  JAYASRI +more live acts Vienna Woods Festival


02.06.2006  JAYASRI Twins Live with SaNiDaPa! Kuwait City/KUWAIT

03.06.2006  JAYASRI live at Sri Lankan Cricketers Summer Ball 2006

       PfarreAkkonplatz,Oeverseestr 2c, 1150.15 Biz. Vienna /AUSTRIA

10.06.2006 JAYASRI twins live !! GE Money bank Charity football Event

      for SOS Kinderdorf  12.00 till 16.00pm @ Sportzentrum Strebersdorf

      Antonböckgasse 20, 21 district.                    Vienna/AUSTRIA

17.06.2006  JAYASRI Live + DJs  Summer Festival - Summer Jam!  Burg Arena  open air!    Reinsberg  NOe/AUSTRIA

14.07.2006  SERENDIB Live !! Summer Fest        Andau(BL)/AUSTRIA

16.07.2006  JAYASRI live !! with "Claps"        Pietro ALBA

                 Via Elisabetta,  Santa Lucia                  Verona / ITALY

22.07.2006  JAYASRI Live! @ Summersplash Openair!!

                 Jamaica Pub, Mossstr.28    5230 Mattighofen (S) / AUSTRIA

28.07.2006  SERENDIB LIve! Carribic Party,Hotel Juwel,Gaflenz/AUSTRIA

04.08.2006  SERENDIB  Live !! Summer Fest       Andau(BL)/AUSTRIA

11.08.2006  JAYASRI Live!! Summer Party @ Summerstation Donauinsel

                 Brigittenauer Brücke, Donauinsel -21 Dist.Vienna / AUSTRIA

12.08.2006  JAYASRI Live at Sommerfest    Pressbaum NOe/AUSTRIA

14.08.2006  JAYASRI live @ Dream Festival with more Live acts & Dancers.!!

                 For Cancer Help!! Austria Cricket Stadium,Markomannerstr.7

                 22 District.(Bus 24A frm Kagran)   from 16°° - Vienna /AUSTRIA

31.08.2006  OVP Open air.!!            Waidhofen a.d. Ybbs(NOe)/ AUSTRIA

02.09.2006  Reggae Open Air Festival Greifenstein..!!JAYASRI Live & DJs

                 Altes Strömbauamt                       Greifenstein(NOe)/AUSTRIA

09.09.2006  JAYASRI Live @ Summer fest with DJs - Wittau(NOe)/AUSTRIA

22.09.2006  JAYASRI live @ Summer Station  Donauinsel, Brigittanauerbrücke

                 with Reggae DJ Mighty Just                          Vienna/AUSTRIA

18.11.2006  JAYASRI Live @ "Hippie Night" Peace festival with more Int.bands

 Reggae+Ethno+Worldmusic ( Treibhaus, Innsbruck(T)/AUSTRIA

02.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins Live!! Mass Holdings Event,Hotel Taj,Colombo/SRILANKA

03.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins Live!!with Spark,SLAirlines Xmas ball.Colombo/SRILANKA

11.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins with Sunflower,Uduwap Mela      Katunayake/SRILANKA

15.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins with Spark, Pharma ball              Kurunegala/SRILANKA

16.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins with Sunflower Open Air                 Bopitiya/SRILANKA

17.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins Live!! Seasonal Pops,Waters Edge    Colombo/SRILANKA

17.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins with Sunflower  Open Air        Dummaladeniya/SRILANKA

19.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins with Sunflower Mahapola              Ratmalana/SRILANKA

23.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins with Blue Shadows  Open air             Alauwa/SRILANKA

23.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins with SaNiDaPa  Hiru FM Open Air  Dankotuwa/SRILANKA

27.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins with live band                           Nattandiya/SRILANKA

30.12.2006  JAYASRI Twins with Sunflower Open Air          Digana, Kandy/SRILANKA

+++++++JAYASRI "Peace - Saamaya" 2006-2007  Tour in planning!! Contact us for dates!!!

Check out Lokal Info for dates...!! Concert contacts  !!!




13.01.2007  JAYASRI Twins Live with Xotic band, Hikkaduwa Beach Opean Air

                 One Love One Land.....!!! Concert

                 with support Elephant Foot Percussion & DJs  Hikkaduwa/SRI LANKA

21.01.2007  JAYASRI Twins with Flash Back, Mangala Mela Katuneriya/SRI LANKA


17.02.2007  JAYASRI  Live!!! Si Min Hea Gan IndoorHall-DAEGU City / SOUTH KOREA

19.02.2007  JAYASRI Live!!                           Jea-ll   Jong Hap Sports Complex,

                                                             Seongnam City,Seoul / SOUTH KOREA

04.03.2007  JAYASRI  Live!!  Stazione Marittima Napoli, to mark the International

                 Womens Day Festival with International bands & Artists Gruppo Guewel(Senegal)

                 Maria Pia De Vito,Valentina Stella,MEG (Italy)        Napoli / ITALY

30.03.2007 to 22.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins in Sri Lanka for New year season,Check out!!

04.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins live with SaNiDaPa at Viharamahadevi Park Open Air

                 organized by D.S Senanayake College Old Boys   Colombo / SRI LANKA

07.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins live..!! Asata Asa Concert organized by Colombo

                 Lions Club @  Waters Edge                              Colombo / SRI LANKA

08.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins with Alright @ Galle Carnival        Galle / SRI LANKA

10.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins with Thal @ Avissawella             Avissawella/SRILANKA

12.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins with Flashback @ Brandix Party    Makandura/SRI LANKA

14.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins live with Flashback                 Piliyandala/ SRI LANKA

15.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins live with Flashback Open Air    Sandalankawa/SRI LANKA

17.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins live with Flashback Open Air    Padukka / SRI LANKA

18.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins live with Sunflower Open Air    Moragalle / SRI LANKA

20.04.2007  JAYASRI Twins live with Stranger Open Air     Yakkala / SRI LANKA

05.05.2007  JAYASRI Live..!! Sri Lanka Cricketers Ball 2007 @ Haus der begegnung 

                 Grossfeldsiedlung, Kurschnerg.9,  1210 Wien            Vienna/ AUSTRIA

09.05.2007  SERENDIB  Live..!! Reggae Night,Club Hoppala   Krems(NOe)/AUSTRIA

23.05.2007  SERENDIB  Live...!!!Reggae Night,Club Hoppala  Krems(NOe)/AUSTRIA 

02.06.2007  JAYASRI Twins Live..!! GE Money Bank Charity football Vienna/AUSTRIA

23.06.2007  JAYASRI Live!! @ REGGAE JAM 2007 Festival with Mostviertler Roots

                Sound System,Tscebberwooky  &   more bands & DJs

                 in Burg Arena  Open Air...!!!                        Reinsberg(NOe)/AUSTRIA

06.07.2007  JAYASRI Live..!! ROZ Worldmusic Festival with more bands.

                 Pfarrhof Open Air     Austria-Slowenia Border       St.Jakob(K)/AUSTRIA

14.07.2007  SERENDIB Live..!! Reggae Night!!Schilfhutte, Donauinsel. Vienna/AUSTRIA

20.07.2007  SERENDIB  Live..!!Carribic night at Hotel Juwel          Gaflenz(NOe)/AUSTRIA

21.07.2007  JAYASRI Live..!! Summer Festival, Open Air Sea,OberFellabrunn(NOe)/AUSTRIA

27.07.2007  SERENDIB  Live..!! Reggae Night                    Andau (B)/ AUSTRIA

28.07.2007  JAYASRI live...!! Summer Festival Open Air   Mistelbach(B) / AUSTRIA

03.08.2007  JAYASRI Live..!! Karibik Party Open Air     Maria Anzbach(N) /AUSTRIA

05.08.2007  JAYASRI live!! Afrika Tage Festival,Open Air with more International Acts

                 Donauinsel (Danubeisland), Floridsdorferbrucke 20.00pm  Vienna/AUSTRIA

25.08.2007  JAYASRI Live..!!+DJ Acts  Reggae Summer Open Air, Altes Stroembauamt

                 with Int. Riddim Crews.                             Greifenstein(N) /AUSTRIA

23.09.2007  JAYASRI Twins with SaNiDaPa  live!!!               Ansan City / South Korea

28.10.2007  JAYASRI North Italy Tour...!!! Brascia City...!!Auditoriam LIVIA BOTTARDI, Scuola media bettinsoli, Via calette no.13, Brascia   Brascia / ITALY

04.11.2007  JAYASRI Twins with Flashback in Napoli...Live!!           Napoli / ITALY

06-12-2007 till 22-01-2008 Jayasri Twins will be in Sri Lanka for the season..!!!

                 Venues to be announced..!! (Fixed shows follows...!!!)

09.12.2007  JAYASRI Twins with Sanidhapa +Artists Live Open air!  Negombo/SRI LANKA 

22.12.2007  JAYASRI Twins with Flashback in KandyOpenair live..!!   Kandy / SRI LANKA

27.12.2007  JAYASRI Twins Live performance at "Sri Lanka Cricket Festival" Open air

                 at Keththarama International Cricket Stadium +Live on TV. Colombo/SRILANKA

28.12.2007  JAYASRI Twins Live with Xotic Band "One Love, One Land" Open air Concert

                 on the beach with Elephant Foot + DJs @ Narigamabeach Hikkaduwa/SRILANKA

29.12.2007  JAYASRI Twins with Purple Range Openair live!!      Agalawatta / SRI LANKA


19.01.2008  JAYASRI Twins live with Xotic +DJs Open air Kaluwamodara beach/SRI LANKA

      JAYASRI Twins Rohitha and Rohan will be in Sri Lanka for the New Year Season,

                                 1st April till 22nd, Check out the lokal venues...!!!

14.04.2008  JAYASRI Twins with Sanidapa!Live on Rupavahini TV  Dehiattakandiya/SRILANKA

15.04.2008  JAYASRI Twins live with SaNiDaPA Open Air..!!         Kanthale / SRI LANKA

18.04.2008  JAYASRI Twins with Sunflower, Neth FM Open air  Anuradhapura/SRILANKA

02.05.2008  JAYASRI live in "Black in White" Multiculti fest with DJ Line   Vienna /AUSTRIA

                 Ragnarhof, Grundsteingasse 12,1160 Wien  20.00 onwards

10.05.2008  JAYASRI live in Sri Lanka Cricketers Ball 2008 Vienna        Vienna / AUSTRIA

                 with DJ and Srilankan Buffet Haus der begegnung, Kurschnergasse,21 District

POSTPONED..!!! JAYASRI PEACE TOUR ...!!! Live in USA and Canada..!! 

                                             Dates to be announced soon....!!!

23.05.2008  JAYASRI Band Live in "Club Paradise"-Reggae Club +  Jamaican DJs-POSTPONED!

                 2, Atwell Drive, Toronto                                      Toronto  ON/ CANADA

24.05.2008  JAYASRI Band LIVE IN CONCERT "Saamaya-PEACE Tour 2008"-POSTPONED!

                 Don Bosco Auditorium, 2 St.Andrews Blvd,19 pm onwards  Toronto/CANADA

31.05.2008  JAYASRI live in Concert!! in New York City.-POSTPONED!     New York / USA

31.05.2008  JAYASRI live in Ebreichsdorf Reggae Fest with  IRIE Pathie, Cheesman Vibration

                 and more acts +DJs.  Open air  ...!!! Sportplatz,    Ebreichsdorf  BL/ AUSTRIA

06.06.2008  JAYASRI live in "Fest der Begegnung" Cinema Paradiso, St.Polten NOe/ AUSTRIA

08.06.2008  JAYASRI live in Concert .!!with guest:Prageeth Perera(TBA) Firenze / ITALY

12.06.2008  SERENDIB live in UNO summer party                     mistelbach/AUSTRIA

14.06.2008  JAYASRI live in Reggae Carribic Night Open air.!!  Greifenstein(NOe)/ AUSTRIA

                 with DJs  at  Altes Strombauamt Greifenstein  21.00 pm

15.06.2008  JAYASRI live in Concert.! with guest:Prageeth Perera(TBA)  Milano / ITALY

22.06.2008  JAYASRI live in Concert..!! with guest:Prageeth Perera(TBA) Rome / ITALY

27.06.2008  JAYASRI live in Kultur Summer fest Openair..!!  Mistelbach(NOe) /AUSTRIA


                               more dates to be anounced soon in  Summer 2008..!!

19.07.2008  JAYASRI  Live in Concert..!! with guest:Prageeth Perera(TBA) Catania/ITALY

20.07.2008  JAYASRI  Live in Concert..!! with guest:Prageeth Perera(TBA) Messina/ITALY

25.07.2008  JAYASRI  Live at Beserlpark Festival with more bands.   Mank(NOe)/AUSTRIA

26.07.2008  JAYASRI Live in Kultur Sommer openair Fest...!! Mistelbach(NOe)/AUSTRIA

01.08.2008  JAYASRI   Reggae beach Party                Maria Anzbach(NOe) / AUSTRIA

03.08.2008  JAYASRI Live in "AFRIKA TAGE" Open air Festival,Donauinsel  Vienna/AUSTRIA

                 Floridsdorferbruecke Vienna Donauinsel  20.30pm

15.08-2008  SERENDIB   Reggae Party                                        Andau(B) / AUSTRIA

16.08.2008  JAYASRI live in Wiesen Sunsplash Reggae Festival  (TBC)  Wiesen /AUSTRIA

           with International Reggae Artists & Bands.( ) Time to be announced!!!

29.08.2008  JAYASRI live at Venice International Film Festival       Lido, Venice/ ITALY

                 @ Uberto Pasolini´s Film "Machan" premiere...!!!!

30.08.2008  SERENDIB  Live "Surf Birthday Party"                    Podersdorf / AUSTRIA

14.09.2008  JAYASRI live with Sanidapa in South Korea + Artists!!   Ansan City / S.KOREA

05.10.2008  JAYASRI live in concert..!! Open Air..!!! Metro B, Pyramide    Rome / ITALY

                 with guest: Prageeth Perera, Vellagio globle  Zungotetere  Stacci 1

08.10.2008  JAYASRI Live in Concert in Legendary Birdland club        Vienna / AUSTRIA

                 am Stadtpark 1,Landstr.hauptstr.(Hilton Hotel) 20.00pm "City Vibes" event

12.10.2008  JAYASRI Live in Concert..!! Special guest: Prageeth Perera  Napoli/ ITALY

                 Piassa Imacollata  Sala  Naploi.

29.11.2008  JAYASRI live at Strombau amt Aniversarry Party!!!    Greifenstein /AUSTRIA

30.11.2008  JAYASRI Live..!! in U4 goes reggae!! Licht für die Welt Benefiz Concert..!!

                 also Lamin Camara+Afro Mandeng + open end DJs-   City Vibes event!                   

                 U4 Disco     Schönbrunnerstr.222,  1120 Wien              Vienna - AUSTRIA

05.12.2008 till 20.01.2009  JAYASRI Twins will be in Sri Lanka on their annual Season Vist.!!

                Check out the local Venues...!!!                   Island wide  - SRI LANKA


21.02.2009  SERENDIB live in Sri Lanka Cricketers Faschings ball 2009    Vienna /AUSTRIA 

28.02.2009  JAYASRI live at United Nations IAEA Ball at Historic Hofburg! Vienna - AUSTRIA

01.04.2009 till 27.04.2009 JAYASRI Twins will be in Sri Lanka for the Aurudu Season!!!

                Check out for Local Venues....!!!!                              Islandwide / SRI LANKA

27.03.2009  JAYASRI live at Maplan Company Opening..!!!         Schwerin / GERMANY

02.05.2009  JAYASRI Live in CHiLL OUT,Seestr.58 -20.30 pm Podersdorf am See(B)/AUSTRIA

13.06.2009  JAYASRI live @ Ebreichsdorf Reggae Festival Open Air + more bands!!!

                 Sportplatz                                               Ebreichsdorf(B)/AUSTRIA

20.06.2009  JAYASRI Live at Fest der Begegnung Open Air Cultural Festival...!!!

                 St.Poelten City Center,Open air!!! 18.00pm         St.Poelten(NOe)/AUSTRIA

20.06.2009  JAYASRI Live at REGGAEJAM Open air Reggae Festival with more International

                 Acts + DJs.   Burg Arena Open Air.!!!! 22.00pm           Reinsberg(NOe)/AUSTRIA

04.07.2009  SERENDIB  Live..!!! Bad Fest +Beach Volleyball+ sommernacht.  Reinsberg/AUSTRIA

09.07.2009  JAYASRI live @  LENT International Music Festival           Maribor / SLOVENIA

24.07.2009  SERENDIB  Live..!!!  Gelbmann Sommer Party                  Andau(B) / AUSTRIA

31.07.2009  JAYASRI Live  @ Summer Fest !!!                  Mariaanzbach(NOe)/AUSTRIA

01.08.2009  JAYASRI Live @ Beserlpark Opne air Festival          Mank (NOe) / AUSTRIA

04.09.2009  JAYASRI live @ Reggae Summer Altes Strombauamt  Greifenstein /AUSTRIA

25.09.2009  JAYASRI Live @ Africult Open air Festival   Krieau Prater  Vienna / AUSTRIA

09.10.2009  Serendib live @ Mandas  Lounge + Restaurant     St.Pölten / AUSTRIA

17.09.2009  JAYASRI Unplugged session Sri Lanka Charity show "Maubimai,Obai Apai"

                 Organized by SLCC, Haus der Begegnung, Kurschnerg.21 Biz. Vienna/AUSTRIA

13.10.2009  Serendib Live Reggae Night @ LEMON Club+Bar      Tulln / AUSTRIA

05.12.2009 - 25.01.2010  JAYASRI Twins will be in Sri Lanka.Check Local Venues. SRI LANKA

(Some more venues and tours to be added soon.....!!! for bookings contact soon.)








CONCERTS AND TOURS  past years!! 2003-2004

Month-Date-Year                   EVENT          Venue-City-Country

09-13-2003JAYASRI "Live" in ConcertModena, , Italy
09-20-2003"Hallamasch"Multicultural FestivalVienna-Museumquartier, , Austria
10-02-20032003 Catamaran World Championship FestivalDalaaman, , Turkey
11-15-2003Asian DUB - Reggae "JAYASRI" LiveGreifenstein -  , Austria
12-12-2003SRI LANKA TOUR - Dec.13th 2003 to Jan.15 th 2004Sri Lanka Islandwide...!!!, , Sri Lanka
02-20-2004Wiener Fluchtlings ball-Vienna Refugees ballRathaus Wien-Townhall Vienna,Main stage, , Austria
04-09-2004SRI LANKA Tour * 9April-10 May2004Check venues locally!!!, , Sri Lanka+94 32 2253695
05-08-2004Africa Festival - Szene WienVienna, , Austria
05-30-2004"Moving Cultures " World Music FestivalBoehemischer Prater-Vienna, , Austria
06-03-2004Magic Life Live - Summer PartyVienna - Donauinsel, , Austria
06-04-2004Reggae Mountain Festival with Alpha Blondy & Solar system+We remember Bob Marley tour+Pat+Yardman etc..!!!Silz, Tirol, , Austria
06-26-2004Donauinselfest2004-"Danube Island Festival"Vienna, , Austria
07-10-2004JAYASRI Live in Canada TourToronto, CANADA
07-24-2004Reggae Party 2004-Altes StroembauamtGreifenstein  , Austria
07-31-2004Reggae Summer Festival with Third World-Jamaica!!!Guntramsdorf , Austria
08-08-2004JAYASRI Live in CyprusNicosia, , Cyprus
08-14-2004Volks Fest Hollabrunn-main stageHollabrunn , Austria
08-15-2004Stadtfest - City Festival Waidhofen a.d. Ybbs-Main stageWaidhofen a.d. Ybbs, Austria
08-21-2004Jayasri "Live" Party in MistelbachMistelbach - BL, , Austria
09-04-2004Stadt Fest-City Festival Stokerau-Main stageStokerau , Austria
09-11-2004Summer Carribic Party..!!Wittau , Austria
09-25-2004Sri Lanka Cricketers Night 2004Vienna, , Austria
12-18-2004Reggae Christmas!!PartySchwerin-Hamburg, , Germany



due to Tsunami catastrophe JAYASRI spent the tour to Sri Lanka by helping the needy!!  26dec. to 31 Jan.

check local info!, , Sri Lanka










30.04.2005  *StadtFest Wien/City Festival Vienna   Vienna/AUSTRIA


01.05.2005  *JAYASRI Live in Paris!!                         Paris/FRANCE

                  for Tsunami aids!124,rue de Bagnolet

03.06.2005  *Sasa Maisha 2 benefiz @ Reigen        Vienna/AUSTRIA

                 with Jayasri+CheeseVibes+House of Riddim+Cloud9+Djs

04.06.2005  *Sri Lanka Cricketers Summer Night     Vienna/AUSTRIA

08.07.2005  *Serendib Live!!! Summer Party           Andau/AUSTRIA

14.07.2005  *JAYASRI Live..!!!@ Burg Schlaining(BL)         AUSTRIA

                  International Summer Akadamy Festival,Schlaining.

16.07.2005  *Serendib Live Reggae!!                    Vienna/AUSTRIA

                  Schilfhuetten, Ueberfuhrstr. 1210 Vienna

22.07.2005  *Serendib Live..!! Summer Fest          Gaflenz/AUSTRIA

23.07.2005  *Serendib Live..!!!Beach Party        Reinsberg/AUSTRIA

30.07.2005  *Serendib Live Reggae..!!                  Vienna/AUSTRIA

                  Schilfhuetten, Ueberfuhrstr. 1210 Vienna

06.08.2005  *JAYASRI Live+Guests!!OpenAir!!  Greifenstein/AUSTRIA

                  Altes Stroembauamt Greifenstein  (NOe)

12.08.2005  *Serendib Live..!! Summer Party          Andau/AUSTRIA

13.08.2005  *Open Air..!! Beach Party      Pressbaum(NOe)/AUSTRIA

14.08.2005  *Serendib Live..!! Karibik Nite    Vienna/AUSTRIA

                 Schilfhuetten, Uberfuhrstr. 1210 Wien

03.09.2005  Stadtfest aftershow Party! @Klimbim Stokerau/AUSTRIA

09.09.2005  *JAYASRI LIve!!Asian Night!!               Vienna/AUSTRIA

                 Theater am Spittelberg,Spittelbergg 10,7Biz.

02.10.2005  * JAYASRI live.!! in Gomoland   Gumi City/SOUTH KOREA

25.10.2005  * JAYASRI live!+Djs  in Club Vibrations Vienna/AUSTRIA

                    Daungasse1,1080 Wien (ecke Laudongasse)

Oct-Nov2005*Watch Out!! JAYASRI Live tour..!!!       Canada/U.S.A

    (due to USA situation postponed to Spring 2006..!!)

Dec-Jan2005* JAYASRI (Rohitha J.+Rohan) in Sri Lanka!!! 

Watchout for local venues!!

08.12.2005  JAYASRI(Rohitha+Rohan)  Sunflower Kalpitiya/Sri Lanka

17.12.2005  JAYASRI (Rohitha J.+Rohan) Live with Spark Band

                  at Marist Stella College Auditorium   Negombo/Sri Lanka

18.12.2005  JAYASRI (Rohitha J.+Rohan) Live with Spark Band

                 +Guests..!!Organized by Lions Club Colombo

                 at Bischops College Auditorium          Colombo/Sri Lanka

24.12.2005 JAYASRI Twins with Spark @ Chekers Club Colombo/SL

30.12.2005 JAYASRI Twins with Sa Ni Da Pa     Neluwa/Sri Lanka

31.12.2005  JAYASRI (Rohitha J.+Rohan)

                31 Night Derana TV OpenAir at Galleface Green

                 with Sri Lankan Stars!!bkd by Spark         Col/Sri Lanka

                 * Sha FM Live with SaNiDaPa          Hanwella/Sri Lanka

Catch us live....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jayasri live Donauinselfestival ........!!!!