JAYASRI related and Favorite Links...!!!!
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Here are some of  JAYASRI related Web sites and some of our favourites.......!!!!


JAYASRI related sites..!!!

JAYASRI - official website...!!!!

JAYASRI s official website will give you all infos,bios,pics,songs,vdos,....etc  about the band!!!

RAVERS ON DOPE official web site

JAYASRIs Rohitha J. attached official RAVERS ON DOPE (Get High - Austrian Grammy Award winners) site with Vdos, music and info....!!!

VISIONE.TV - order brand new Jayasri Live DVD and CDs here at the e-shop

A Film,Vdo production firm from Vienna AUSTRIA, who works with JAYASRI in Live concerts

SRI Beach Bungalows..!!! A place of your own in paradise island Sri Lanka

JAYASRIs energy tanking, relaxing place at home- Marawila, Sri Lanka. Available for you to rent and relax in Paradise Sri Beach.

Favorite Sites
Entertainment Unlimited - Toronto CANADA

JAYASRIs Tour Agents for North America - based in Toronto, CANADA


BOODEE - the filmmaker, our mango friend, who directs vdos and works with JAYASRI together from childhood......probably ...the best in Sri Lanka!!

Moving Cultures - VIDC Vienna AUSTRIA

Moving Cultures....!!! brings cultures, music, people together.....one LOVE!!!

MEntertainment - online store where you can order JAYASRI s brand new CD

Order JAYASRI s brand new CD and casseettes here...online!!!

A friendly Hotel in Sri lanka - Blue Sapphire at Aluthgama

Experience the friendly atmosphere on your holidays in Srilanka....Friends of JAYASRIs Kempers family and Mandu!!!

Cheese Vibes Reggae band

Reggae, Ragga vibe from Vienna..!!!

KAPRUKA - Services from Sri Lanka

Here also you can order JAYASRI CDs + Music + Gifts......bringing on to your doorstep..!

Sri Lankans in Italy..!!!

A site about Srilankans in Italy and information about Sri Lanka and many Links!!

Club lk - A meeting place for Srilankans..!!

A meeting place of young srilankans with music,vdos,news,info....etc.