JAYASRI Members BIOs.............
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A bit about JAYASRI brothers......................


Rohitha J.

Rohitha Jayalath -
Born in SriLanka.

Bands:SERENDIB,ConDom,ROOTSMAN, Decadance,Banditos Bonitos,Ravers on Dope

Jobs: Architect (Mag.Arch Akademy of Fine Arts Vienna), SongWriter,Componist,Arrangeur,Live & Studio Musician, DJ. 

 Hobbies:Art & Graphics,Photography,Yoga,Internet,DJ

Instruments: Vocals,Raggamuffin,Riddim & Acoustic Guitars,Ethnic Percussion

Rohan " ROKI"

Rohan Jayalath -
born in Sri Lanka. Twin bro of Rohitha.

Bands: SERENDIB, ConDom, Rootsman, Banditos Bonitos

Jobs: Song Writer, Composer, Arrangeuer, Live & Studio Musician

Hobbies:Nature,Gardening, Travelling, Painting

Instruments: Vocals,Rap,Bass


Bidroho Faham

Born in Bangladesch

Bands:Rasta Revolution,High Mid Low

Jobs: Writer,Composer,Live Musician

Hobbies: Joking, Films,Computer

Instruments: Key Boards, Vocals



King Parvez

Parvez Sayed
Born in Bangladesh.

Bands:Rejuvinate, Hi Mid Low, Cheese Vibes, Dubblestandart, Serendib

Jobs: Componist, Arrangeur, Studio & Live Musician

Hobbies: Computer, TV, Cartoons, Nature, Travelling, Good Food

Instruments: Back Vocals,Piano,Keyboards

Sumal David

Sumal Fernando -
Born in Sri Lanka. His Grandfather is the Late Srilankan Baila Maestro Mr. M.S. Fernando

Bands: Serendib, Ska Band

Jobs: Student, Break Dancer, Studio and Live musician

Hobbies: Fitness, Break dance, computer games, Film and Disco

Instruments: Drums

Bro Moses

Moses Afanyi -
Born in Nigeria-Africa.

Bands: Rootsman, Tamtam d Afrique, Osamba Mystic

Jobs: Percussion teacher, Componist, Studio & Live Musician

Hobbies: Workshops, Travelling, collecting Drums, Fashion & Food

Instruments: African & Latin Percussion

Percussion Support: Raymond Walker (Jamaica)

Thomas "Tom"

Thomas Lang -

Born in AUSTRIA.

Bands: Blue Savage, Angus Bangus, Colours n People,Stella Jones, Sumitra, 5house posse

Jobs:  Composer, Guitar teacher, Studio and Live Musician

Instruments: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar