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Here you can have a look and hear some of JAYASRIs Music Videos and Live Performance Cuts...!!!

You will direct to YouTube to watch the Videos......................................Thanx Youtube!!

JAYASRI - Live in Danube Island Festival, Vienna AUSTRIA

JAYASRI - Tribute to Bob Marley... Lively Up your self + Jamming...!!!Live in Europe´s biggest Open Air Festival Danube Island Festival (Donau Insel Fest) in Vienna, drawing more than 3 million People in 3 days..!!!

JAYASRI Live in Reggae Festival - AUSTRIA

JAYASRI - Sudu Andumin - Live performance at Guntramsdorf Reggae Festival  just before the Headliners, the Reggae Legends from Jamaica Third World....!!!

JAYASRI - Hanumantha VDO

JAYASRI gives a very important message of Nature Pollution with this song from the monkey God Hanumantha´s point of view.

Directed by:Franz Aigner      Words: Rohitha J.      Music: Jayasri

Juliette - JAYASRI (Sinhala Version)

Juliette - JAYASRI (Album: "Sundaree" 2002) Directed by BooDee Sri Lanka.   Locations: Marawila,Mahawewa,Down South SRI LANKA.     Lyrics:Rohitha J.    Music: JAYASRI

Doi Doi Doi - JAYASRI

JAYASRI - Doi Doi Doi  Feat: Jayson Vishva  (New Album "Saamaya-Peace" 2006) - Directed by Franz Aigner Vienna AUSTRIA.      Location: Vienna AUSTRIA.         Lyrics: Rohitha J.      Music: JAYASRI

Sheela - JAYASRI

Sheela - JAYASRI  (Album - Sundaree 2002) Directed by Franz Aigner , Vienna AUSTRIA   Location:  Vienna AUSTRIA    Lyrics: Rohitha J    Music: JAYASRI

Kolam-Lanka Ragga - JAYASRI

Kolam-Lanka Ragga - JAYASRI (Album:Sundaree 2002)  Directed by:Franz Aigner  Vienna AUSTRIA       Lyrics: Rohitha J.     Music: JAYASRI

Himakumaree - JAYASRI Himakumaree - JAYASRI  (New Album "saamaya-Peace" 2006)   Directed by: Franz Aigner  Vienna AUSTRIA    Lyrics: Christina +Rohitha J.     Music: JAYASRI
Womanizer - JAYASRI feat:Banditos Bonitos WOMANIZER Video..!!! One of JAYASRI´s ground breaking VDOs. Directed by: BooDee together with Jayasri members. Produced by: Planet Entertainment Europe.  Presented in MTV Europe and Music TV stations worldwide. Locations in west and down south coast Sri Lanka.
JAYASRI feat.Ravers on dope(Global DeeJays) - Get High

Get High - JAYASRI´s collaboration project Ravers on Dope - Global DJs- One of Jayasri´s succesful Rave Projects in Europe , which hits around the globe incl: Germany,Italy, France, Austria, Japan, and many many Int.Charts in many countries with the Vdo on MTV Intertnational, RTL,VIVA TVs. Also won the prestigeous Austrian Amadeus Award in International Dance music Category!!

JAYASRI - Sri Lanka -"A Dedication to our Motherland"

Sri Lanka..... A dedication from Jayasri to their beautiful Motherland!!! The Vdo consists pictures to suit the words....and a live concert clips of JAYASRI Open air performance in Danube Island Vienna AUSTRIA.

Music: JAYASRI  Words: Rohitha J.

JAYASRI live with Xotic at Open Air beach at Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka...!!! The biggest Reggae event in the Island everytime with Jayasri..!!

Whenever JAYASRI visits their homeland Sri Lanka, There happens the biggest Reggae event in the Island...with thousands of Reggae fans visiting around the Island. "One love, One Land" reggae concert happens anually on the beach open air at Hikkaduwa, "the little Jamaica" how Jayasri name the south west coastal tourist town.Catch the vibe with Jayasri....!!! be there...!!!

JAYASRI - Situkumariye-Brandnew VDO with Live cuts from Reggaejam Festival!!!

Situkumariye -from the new album "Saamaya-Peace" with cuts from Jayasri live in Reggaejam Reggae Festival in Austria

Words: Rohitha j.    Music:  Jayasri

Directed by: Franz Aigner Vienna AUSTRIA